Shimano 600 Right (Rear) Disassembly

Now we will explore the Shimano 600 8sp Right shifter.  Again, the only tools you need to disassemble are below.  The tools are needle nose pliers, 2.5 mm hex head, phillips screwdriver, metal punch, a small flathead screwdriver and a sharpened spoke.  The 8 mm socket is out of the picture accidentally.


Use the 2.5 mm hex head to remove the screw holding the brake pivot pin in place. Then use the metal punch to drive the pin from the handle.  This will separate the shifter from the handle.  There are two black bushings, and one brake return spring. The spring goes on the longer of the two black bushings.

2013-03-26 12.39.22 2013-03-26 12.40.35 2013-03-26 12.40.59

Now we will remove the face plate of the shifter.  To do this we need an 8 mm socket.  Hold the shifter face plate after you remove the fixing bolt.  This will prevent the return spring and plastic washer from popping out and flying across the room.

2013-03-26 12.41.38 2013-03-26 12.41.50 2013-03-26 12.42.58

Now we want to access the pawls.  To do this remove the white and black brake cable stop and push the return shift lever aside to reveal a phillips head screw.  Remove this screw and gently remove the upshift lever arm (the gray one).

2013-03-26 12.43.25 2013-03-26 12.43.55

2013-03-26 12.44.46

Next we want to access the inner set of gears, springs, and crazy complex Shimano workings.  To do this you have to remove the primary fixing bolt.  This is the bolt on a cross cut screw.  There is a special tool to remove this bolt, but you can easily get it off just using a set of needle nose pliers as shown below.

2013-03-26 12.45.24 2013-03-26 12.45.42 2013-03-26 12.45.51

Once you have the bolt off you can remove the brake cable stop holder and the large black plastic washer as shown below.

2013-03-26 12.46.57 2013-03-26 12.47.44 2013-03-26 12.49.38

We are now down to the last of the easy steps.  First the brass washer, then remove large black metal washer that holds the shift return spring in place.  Be sure to notice where the springs are fixed to the shifter!

2013-03-26 12.51.30 2013-03-26 12.51.45 2013-03-26 12.51.50

Great, now we can remove the shifter arm.  This will have a pawl attached, so you will need to hold the pawl in the right place to get the shifter arm off.

2013-03-26 12.52.51

Ok… now we are in the heart of it all. From here on out it is complex, and I will try to describe what is going on, but I have also taken a lot of photos so you can see what is happening.  Below are several photos so you can see the full shifting mechanism with everything in the correct place from many angles.

2013-03-26 13.01.03 2013-03-26 13.01.09 2013-03-26 13.01.16

2013-03-26 13.01.26 2013-03-26 13.01.35 2013-03-26 13.01.54

2013-03-26 13.02.01

Ok… now we are ready to dig in to the small parts.  The first part to come off is a gray washer, followed by a silver platform that has a cross shaped hole.  Next is a spring, followed by a second platform, followed be the large platform that has a pawl and spring attached.

2013-03-26 13.03.51 2013-03-26 13.03.59

The photo below shows the mechanism with all the platforms removed.  You can see the black release spring which is loosely around a washer.  Remove this spring, and the black rotation stopping ring.

2013-03-26 13.05.19 2013-03-26 13.05.26

Take a step back.  The photo below is a layout of everything that has come off and in what order.

2013-03-26 13.06.17

We are down to the final set of parts.  Below are several photos so you can see everything in the proper place.

2013-03-26 13.06.24 2013-03-26 13.06.30 2013-03-26 13.06.41

At this point there is little to fix.  Really you are just taking this apart to see if you can put it back together.  But here is how you do the next steps.  Take off the protective cover, exposing a brass washer.

2013-03-26 13.08.10 2013-03-26 13.08.44

From the left hand side you can remove the long catches on the long brass colored post.  Unlike everything else, this slides to the left, not the right, when you remove it.

2013-03-26 13.10.39 2013-03-26 13.10.45 2013-03-26 13.10.56

2013-03-26 13.11.22

We are down to just the solid parts… and one spring.  I suppose this spring could break, but I’ve never seen one that has broken.

2013-03-26 13.12.14 2013-03-26 13.12.22 2013-03-26 13.12.36

The spring goes around the primary cross screw with one end on the pewter colored brake cable stop and the other on the hole of the head of the primary screw.

2013-03-26 13.13.12

Ok!  That is is. The parts are below.  I left the spring in the pewter shift cable stop.

2013-03-26 13.13.58

Here is a closer shot of the smaller parts.

2013-03-26 13.14.20

Now… can we put it back together?


2 thoughts on “Shimano 600 Right (Rear) Disassembly

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    1. tylerblakedaviswordpress Post author

      Yes, you can just try shooting it with WD-40. However, that won’t help in a number of different failure types, including pawls off their pivots, retention springs dis-attached, or solid gumming of the shimano lube. It is usually a good first try though!


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